Many games are fun but bridge overcomes them.

The mind can oxidize,
The bridge prevents against rust.

Omar Sharif

What is Bridge?

Most people who only have a brief idea of ​​what it is will say that it is a card game. However, those who practice and enjoy it will often add that it has some science, sports and even art.

It is a science because it has laws, in bridge every hand is a new system in which we have to imagine which of all the laws learned have application and what weight we should assign to each one.

The sporting aspect is given in the competition. Bridge was included as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee in 1999.

When you play a bridge hand you are creating something new. No matter the quality of the player there is almost always something creative in the auction or in the card game. Good or bad, but original for those who are doing and enjoying it. And the player’s feeling will resemble artistic creativity.

Bridge is an exciting, fun, challenging game.

In short, if your intention is to give work to your neurons and have a fun, creative and competitive time, then …

Learn and play Bridge!

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